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Catania, 19 - 21 September 2019

Etna Book, the first Book Festival in Catania


Catania has its first Book Festival, and is already followed by other similar events, which hopefully will multiply in order to convey the culture in a land so much in need of.

To deepen the activities of mount Etna Book click the link below.


Catania, 27 - 28 July 2019

Sicily Game Expo, the game protagonist to Etnapolis

World gaming, a passion for all ages. Whether you are a lover of the latest in video games, or nostalgic of retrogames, or super fans of board games, role-playing or animation, this is the event for you!

The 27th and 28th of July at the Centro Commerciale Etnapolis (Contrada Valcorrente, 23 - Belpasso - CT) will take place the edition of “Open Beta” to the free entrance of the Sicily Game Expo (SGX), the first event of Sicily entirely dedicated to the world of games where you can participate in tournaments, both single and in teams, or switch, simply two days of fun.

Will be available to the public in numerous locations of the game on the console and the PC dedicated to the most important video game titles of famous publishing houses, and there will be an area dedicated to video games vintage.

Even the lovers of board games and role-playing games will find a space dedicated to them where you can compete and for the fans of the model will be set up a track for Mini4WD.

A lot of the companies present, including in particular at least: Nintendo, Warner, Hasbro, Halifax, MS Events, MS Editions, Oriental Wave, Wizards of the Coast.

Finally, we point out that outside of Etnapolis there will be an area dedicated to drones, one of which is dedicated to the war on water and a war with the laser. And there will be also a stage that will be the theater of the long-awaited Cosplay Contest, and the night of two entertainment shows:

- Saturday 27 at 21:00 will be screened, in collaboration with Dynit, the animated film “Penguin Highway” by Hiroyasu Ishida.

- Sunday the 28th at 20:30 Sergio Algozzino will delight the audience with his show “Memory in 8-bit - a walk among the symbols and memories of a time”.

Among the guests of the event also Francis “Deugemo” Lombardo and the well-known youtuber Marco Merrino, RaVe TuBe.

The conduct of the evenings, and tournaments will be entrusted to the Nymphalis, caster, analyst, presenter, player competitive “Overwatch”, model and cosplayer from catania, who will accompany the audience through the various planned activities.


Catania, 04 July 2019

Alpacarl The Alpacop arrives

The Association is pleased to support and share the new project by Gabro Nicolosi. We invite you to view the launch video (by clicking on the image on the side) and visit the project website (by clicking the button below).

Good vision.


Taormina, from 30 June to 06 July 2019

Dirty Dozen follows the Taormina Film Fest 65

The Board of Directors of the Association will be present in these days at the well-known cinema event to update you on the Festival, guests, initiatives and the most important news concerning the world of the seventh art.


Etnapolis - Belpasso (CT), 27 /28 July 2019

Sicily Game Expo: open beta

The first Sicilian festival entirely dedicated to the world of gaming is born. From video games to board games through TCG, role play, cross-media animation and much more. The open beta, a FREE ENTRY, will be a taste of it all.


Palermo, 06/08 September 2019

Dirty Dozen at the CCP 2019: "PCC SHORT" is born

First anticipation of this year's program of the Palermo Comic Convention 2019 Cinema Area, managed by our Association: the first edition of "PCC SHORT - International Short Film Competition" kicks off.

You can also download the regulation from our website or present your films by pressing the button below. Join the crowd!


Catania, 04/05 May 2019

Dirty Dozen at the Japan Fest 2019

Also this year the Association will be pleased to manage the Cinema Area of ​​the famous manifestation of culture of the Rising Sun by proposing a surprise program that will satisfy the palates of all kinds.

Do you want a suggestion? The first screening on day 04 will necessarily be dedicated to Star Wars Day. What does Star Wars have to do with Japanese cinema? If you are a true fan you already know it and you will be present, if you miss the connection come and visit us, you will not regret it.


Catania, 06 September 2018

Tom Hopper: Free Panel

The Board of Directors has decided to extend free admission to Tom Hopper's Panel to non-members. To reserve available seats, send a private message to Dirty Dozen's Facebook page.

Catania, 03 September 2018

The new Dirty Dozen logo

Today we present the new logo of the Association. Special thanks to Gabro Nicolosi who created it.


Catania, 01 September 2018

Tom Hopper: Notice to all Members

The Executive Council has decided to offer ALL MEMBERS FREE admission to the Tom Hopper Panel. Those who have already purchased the PASS are invited to contact the C.D. to get a refund. It is understood that the entrances to the Panel must however be booked, given the limited number of seats, and that the seats in the first rows are reserved for those who purchase more optional.


Catania, 30 July 2018

Tom Hopper at the PCC18

Tom Hopper, actor known for his performances in TV series such as "Merlin", "Black Sails", "The Throne of Swords" and star of "The Umbrella Academy" (next TV series by Netflix taken from the graphic novel by Gerard Way) will be guest at the Palermo Comic Convention 2018 thanks to the collaboration between the same PCC and Movie Talk with Dirty Dozen.


Catania, 17 July 2018

Movie Talk is with Dirty Dozen

Movie Talk, a group of information and film critic professionals, as well as a curator of film-related events, is a member of Dirty Dozen.

Catania, 17 July 2018

Dirty Dozen to the PCC18

The Association will be present at the "Palermo Comic Convention 2018" where, together with the "Movie Talk" Group, it will manage the Cinema Area.


Catania, 26 June 2018

Review "Cinema al Chiostro"

The Executive Council, after meeting, resolved to move the "Cinema al Chiostro" summer festival, which was to take place at the end of July, at a later date. It is expected to take place around mid-September.


Catania, 26 May 2018

Dirty Dozen at the Nerd Fest 2018

The 4th edition of the "Nerd Fest" will take place at the Centro Sicilia shopping center on 9 and 10 June. The Association will be present with many surprises at its banquet.


Catania, 07 May 2018

Dirty Dozen at Comicult & Games

The first edition of the "Comicult & Games" will be held in Rende (CS) from 18 to 20 May. Within the event, the Association will support the organization of the Cinema Area by presenting some films. There will also be a banquet in the Associations Area.

Catania, 17 April 2018

Dirty Dozen at the Japan Fest

The Association is pleased to present, within the Japan Fest 2018, which will take place on May 5th and 6th in Catania, the film festival "Fantastico Japan" dedicated to the Sol Levane genre films.


Catania, 06 April 2018

Approved budget estimate

Yesterday the Shareholders' Meeting was held which approved the 2018 budget.


Catania, 13 March 2018

Established the first activities of 2018

During the Assembly of Members, held yesterday, the first participations and collaborations of the Association were approved for some events: Japan Fest, Comicult & Games, Nerd Fest and Palermo Comic Convention.

In addition, some proposals for film reviews have been put forward during the year. We will keep you posted.

Finally, the registration fee for the year 2018 has been established.


Catania, 12/16/2017

The Dirty Dozen Cultural Association is born

With the first meeting of the Founding Members and the approval of the Statute the first step is taken of a path full of challenges and, hopefully, full of many satisfactions towards the achievement of the social goals.

Once the bureaucratic aspects are completed, the Board of Directors will immediately get to work planning the activities for the year.

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