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Born December 16, 2017 from the need to be able to better disseminate the knowledge of the arts in general, with particular attention to the art of audiovisual, the Cultural Association Dirty Dozen aims to spread the culture in the national territory, but not only, in all its expressive forms and to become a meeting point for all those who have the desire and the need to deepen their skills or, simply, to be able to enjoy the experiences and events that will be organized during the year.

The Association has its roots in the aggregation of some friends who by profession and by common passion have started to collaborate on different occasions and have developed the need to first establish a collective that has evolved into an associative form given the need to formalize his work and to be able to share it with all those who recognize themselves in the objectives of the Association.

Already from the first year of life the Association can boast the participation and its collaboration in important events and manifestations in Sicily and beyond:

- The management of the Cinema Area of ​​the "Japan Fest" 2018, an event on the dissemination of Japanese culture in Italy under the patronage of the Japanese Embassy, ​​with the screening of some film titles that have made the history of Japanese cinema. - The collaboration with the Cinema Area of ​​the "Comicult & Games" event 2018 of Rende (CS), with the screening of titles on the subject with the event. - Participation in the Nerd Fest 2018 with the presence of one of our information banquet on the activities of the Association.

- The partnership with the "Palermo Comic Convention" 2018 and the management of the Cinema Area which will take place from September 14th.

- The organization of a film festival.

Many and varied will be the appointments that await us in the near future.

We hope many of you will come.​

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