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The Cultural Association of the Dirty Dozen, in order to pursue the achievement of its social purposes, will present, to both its Members and the public outside the Association, a number of proposals that can involve at different levels and can find food in the interest of all towards the arts.

The participation to EXHIBITIONS and to all of those events and offer a moment of light-heartedness has the merit of placing the emphasis on the world of art and culture in an informal way. Example of this are the fairs of comics over the years have expanded its audience with a wink to Pop Culture, with particular attention to the world of Cinema and TV Series. Was born you the opportunity to know, as well as the latest news and the protagonists of the most loved by the public, the classics and all those products that made the history of Cinema by organizing screenings, interviews, conferences, in an Area dedicated to the seventh art.

There also comes a section dedicated to CONTESTS and film, organised with the collaboration of the Cultural Association

The REVIEWS are aimed at all those who are already accustomed to attending the Cinema, and they seek both to deepen their knowledge on the subject to discover new paths with a theme and discuss what can be seen. These will be addressed during the year proposals for the most varied possible to involve both a public less accustomed to the cinema of the author that the audience for film lovers.

Finally, it will organise COURSES for all those who want to delve even more into the merits of the question, trying to learn all the various aspects of the production and film criticism.

Don't forget to visit our GALLERY with the collection of some of the images that describe our many activities.

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